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our mission if you accept it

We created a supportive and inclusive platform that empowers artists at the beginning of their careers to grow and succeed.

want to know why?

To provide resources and guidance

Our community aims to provide emerging artists with access to the information, resources, and guidance they need to develop their skills and succeed in the creative industry.

To showcase emerging talent

Our community aims to showcase the work of its members to a wider audience, providing exposure and recognition for emerging artists.

To foster community and collaboration

Our community aims to bring together artists from different backgrounds and disciplines, fostering collaboration and fostering a sense of belonging and community.

To promote diversity and inclusiveness

Our community values diversity and inclusiveness, embracing artists from a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels, and creating an inclusive environment where all members can thrive.

To support the growth and success of emerging artists

Ultimately, the vision of Janolo for emerging artists is to support the growth and success of its members, helping them to achieve their creative goals and build fulfilling careers in the creative industry.

Jenna is a bi national French and Australian of 30 years old. After years working in business and management consulting for big corporations, she decided to pack her bags and go explore the world. When the pandemic hit, she was discovering Myanmar! Everything changed from that day on, and she returned to the french alps when she grew up. That's where the entrepreneurship journey began.
Janolo was created officially in 2020, "for fun but with a purpose". She started to design and sell her own illustration, inspired by women’s boldness and assertiveness while she partnered up with Equality Now, a New York non profit organization working towards changing laws for gender equality.
A new beginning
After gradually integrating and engaging with multiple artists around the world to understand their needs and ambitions, we decided to launch a digital platform, a safe place where we empower, teach business skills, help getting exposure and opportunities. We engage, share and learn on how to become successful independent artists!


Jenna, founder & ceo

I am so happy that we created the best team to build Janolo! Each one of us is passionate about their work and committed to delivering the best possible results. We value open communication, mutual respect, and a shared sense of purpose, and these values are at the heart of everything we do.

Get to know my amazing team ⟶



Brand Designer

Creating and defining JANOLO's brand identity



Social Media Manager

Creates & strategizes all content for our social media accounts (both Instagram accounts, Pinterest and we are even getting started in Tiktok… woohoo!)

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Janolo’s community designer

Specialist of UX and CX design at Janolo, she helped us make the community app and platform come true!

Let's work together and see your magic!

Drop us a line, we will be in touch soon!