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Find in Janolo the mentorship and support system you have always looked for as an artist! Start becoming financially independent, learn business skills, share, and engage with other talented people. Join the community today where everyone helps each other grow!
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Once registered, scroll through the activity feed, explore the Toolbox, connect with other members, share your artworks and dive into our dedicated art business universe!

Master your creativity

Start enrolling in our upcoming events & webinars,, join private coaching sessions and learn and practice everything you need to level up your art business.

Connect to your inner creator.

Because finding your place in the online creative industry can be overwhelming, we designed and customised each tool and event to answer your needs so it gives you confidence in growing your art business.

Embrace your Entrepreneurial Journey.

Set your goals with us, and start becoming financially independent with the support of the community

Define your business plan, create your portfolio, join the business growth bootcamp….

Network & Engage.

With others in the same field, learn from each other and get a sense of belonging and camaraderie

Expand your art network by following other artist, explore the daily activity feed like a social network, send private message

Join Weekly Events.

Get valuable insights, techniques, and feedback to help you, take your skills to the next level

Join monthly webinars, participate to our weekly Monday booster, or practice during workshops!

Find Motivation & Inspiration.

In this supportive atmosphere, share your work and discover the work of others to develop your own creativity!

Explore the blog and the art gallery, share your last artworks, discover testimonies, identify artists close to your location

Learn New Skills in this ever-evolving field that requires continuous learning and adaptation.

Stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, tools, and trends in the field.

Business, Time Organisation, Marketing, Social Media, Soft Skills, Branding… we address all key topics!

Create New Opportunities for Yourself.

Thanks to the power of sharing and engaging within the community.

Find job opportunities, discover new marketplaces to sell your art, grow your mindset with our mental health coach.

Webinars with experts

Our webinars are specialized events or courses of instruction given by an expert in a particular field or skill (social media, marketing, business…). The experts can provide valuable insights, techniques, and feedback to help you, take your skills to the next level. These are usually live events with a live Q&A at the end!

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