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elevate your art business.

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he art.

JANOLO is an online community created to support digital artists
in becoming financially independent. Start elevating your Art today, download the app!

When someone believes in you, magic happens.

Get support, mentorship and guidance you have always looked for a digital artist

JANOLO wants to encourage every artist and help them focus on their strengths. We inspire you to build an efficient business model with courage and determination by equipping you with every tool you need.

Pen and paper are your best friends for creativity, organization and productivity so grab yours and start your creative journey.

connect to your inner creator

Explore the toolbox

We design and customise each tool and event to answer your needs so it gives you confidence in growing your art business. A setback? No worries, the content will always be accessible from your account so that you can learn on your own terms—in bite-size pieces or in a single binge.

Webinars with experts

Our webinars are specialized events or courses of instruction given by an expert in a particular field or skill (social media, marketing, business…). The experts can provide valuable insights, techniques, and feedback to help you, take your skills to the next level. These are usually live events with a live Q&A at the end!

We designed one plan ONLY, to make things easier for you to manage.

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We represent our artists.

Introducing JANOLO’s


Veronica Martha D.

finest artists,

and emerging creatives



whose work & talent




Federica Ciotola

inspires & moves us


Bastien Bouta
to work together.


Rita Kitsch

Our goal is to connect and empower our artists from around the world.

Let’s connect, grow and collaborate together.

Are you 
an Artist 
an Illustrator 
a Designer 

We want to give you the opportunity to bring your Art to the next level and find the right support to be featured amongst amazing creators like you.


We believe that your work should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, so we created an app for you, where you can access all the magical tools you need to become the artist you always wanted to be.

JANOLO is trusted by over


It’s always nice to have some feedback on what we do.

It could inspire you to engage with us too 🙂

why we do what we do

Values we live by.

Diversity and inclusiveness

Embracing artists from a range of backgrounds and skill levels.


We empower members to take control of their careers and futures.

Collaboration & networking

Opportunities for members to collaborate on projects and share ideas.


A supportive environment where members can offer encouragement and help each other.


There are no stupid questions (only stupid answers).


Sign up and create your account. We are an inclusive community and gather digital artists from all over the world. Join us and you will never be alone again!

All emerging digital artists, illustrators and any artists using digitalization as an asset (photographs, graphic designers…). If you need motivation, inspiration, and want to find ways to boost your business, Janolo is for you. Learn more about the community here (link to community page)
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Find inspiration everyday of the week.

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Let's work together and see your magic!

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